Q&A with Dylan

What qualification are you studying / did you study?

Specialist Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3 NVQ

What made you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I originally signed up for this type of apprenticeship as I have always wanted to work with children. I also was eager to know that I would be paid whilst learning at the same time. However, I mainly wanted to do an apprenticeship as I could gain the necessary skills for the position of work that I have been studying for (Early Years Practitioner/childcare practitioner)

Did your school recommend it to you or how did you hear about it?

JACE Training was referred to me by my careers advisor from my secondary school. I came to Jace with her and a few of my friends to see what Jace could offer and how I could study what I wanted to do as a job.

Did you know that work based learning was the right route for you?

I did know that work based experience was the right route for me as I am quite a hands-on person and like to get stuck in and help out whenever and wherever I can. I believe that work based experience will allow me to obtain a physical aspect of work rather than the theory based side of work or study.

What have you found / did you find hard?

There are not many things that I have found hard whilst being at Jace however, one possible thing that I have found hard was completing my Maths test. I say this because I am not really an academic person.

What are you / did you enjoy most?

Whilst being at JACE I have enjoyed a variety of things however, one exercise/activity that I had enjoyed the most would be the team building exercise that I took part in when I first started JACE. This was because I had met new friends whom in which would work together with me to build a tower out of newspaper and celotape.

How has / did your tutor and workplace help you?

There were a variety of people who have helped me over the duration of my time at Jace but I would especially like to thank Leanne and Anna for supporting me through my course. They both spent their time helping me with questions that I might have found hard. Both Leanne and Anna are very graceful and bubbly individuals and I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for everything they have done for me whilst I have been at JACE. My workplace has helped me tremendously I have a wonderful manager whose leadership is paramount to everything I do at work. I have learnt so much whilst being at my workplace and at JACE.

How have / did you juggle working and learning?

I was actually able to juggle my learning and working quite effectively. This is because I like completing coursework anyway. However, once I had an assignment to do I would try to finish it as soon as possible and then use my workplace to provide examples of my physical work-based practice. I would go to work five days a week (full-time) and then spend my weekends completing any outstanding coursework.

Any funny or memorable moments?

I have had so many good moments at JACE but I cannot really just mention one specific point of my life at JACE that was memorable as everything was memorable.

How has it helped you in your job role / career?

JACE has played a vital role in my job role as being able to study at JACE has allowed me to complete the theory-based work. I have then interpreted this work in the physical practice at my workplace. It is great that my Jace apprenticeship is linked directly to the physical aspects of my working life.

What would you say to a young person thinking about doing an apprenticeship?

I would say that before you start an apprenticeship you should be aware of what career you want to be in. I would then suggest that a young person goes to Jace to study business and admin, customer service or childcare. This is because all of these course options are available, and the staff are very supportive and care about every student’s progress and work.

What advice would you give them?

I would advise young people who want to either study an apprenticeship like mine or something similar to study hard and remember that studying can be fun as well. The theory –based side of learning is very useful as it allows you to become a better individual within your working life role in your chosen career path.

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