In need of Good Guidance?

In need of Good Guidance?

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) lies at the heart of what an educational establishment does and rightly so. It is only right that educators should provide information to prospective learners, apprentices and their employers of the courses on offer. The information should be clear, unambiguous and honest. There should be clarity of content; and honesty regarding the ambitions and abilities around service delivery; together with honesty about the career progression and pathways that such courses can lead to, on successful completion.

The application and interview process should always look to ensure that the advice and guidance given is appropriate to steer learners, particularly those younger and more vulnerable within our society, so that they will be able to embark on a fulfilling time of learning that will provide an integral step onto the career ladder that leads to a job that they aspire to.

At JACE, we have recently spent a week reviewing our own practices around IAG to renew our Matrix accreditation. The Matrix kite mark provides an independent acknowledgement of good practice in this area and we are proud of the feedback received.  The inspector interviewed a range of our learners, staff, clients and business partners and recognised a number of strengths, some of which are noted below:

  • A loyal staff base, with exceptional longevity of service
  • A passion and commitment of staff for life-long learning
  • A comprehensive induction process
  • Strong partnership work with local groups
  • An active Corporate Social Responsibility agenda that supports charities and also offers potential ‘life-changing’ opportunities for our learners
  • An active Innovation group and thread throughout the company, that continuously looks for areas of improvement

As always, there is more work to do be done to further improve our services and more will be revealed in the coming months and beyond, as we also take on board some of the helpful recommendations made by our inspector. In the meantime, we would like to thank all of those that took part in this process and helped the inspector in his findings.

In today’s world the advent of on-line content and social media has the risk of potential information overload. The challenge is often to sift through the multitude of data and make sense of its messaging. The growth in so called ‘fake’ news or distortion of facts to suit an individual or company agenda, means that good IAG has never been in greater demand. The recently reported ‘harvesting of data’ from social media platforms is a disturbing reminder of how information can potentially be mis-used.

This month, in addition to our Matrix kite mark inspection, we also attended the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards and were proud finalists in the award category for Developing People for Business Success. This reminded us that developing people is at the core of what we do and it was a privilege to be part of this prestigious event, competing against and engaging with so many well- known and established businesses within this major economic region. Congratulations to all those that took part and particularly to the winners and finalists in each of the other categories.

To see more of what JACE can offer you, whether as a learner, apprentice or employer looking to upskill new or existing staff, please visit our website.  More Information, Advice and Guidance to follow…..

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