Move on in Movember!

Move on in Movember!

It’s not easy writing a monthly blog. The weeks pass by at an almost alarming rate and before you know it, the next deadline is upon you. I have a sense of what it must be like to be a vicar and produce a monthly sermon fit to stir a congregation! When writing I tend to look around me for inspiration, observing from a safe distance nature, people, places and events. November is certainly not a shy month for hosting events: we have Bonfire night; Remembrance Sunday, and Thanksgiving in America. More recently, November has become synonymous with men growing a moustache, as a show of solidarity in the fight against cancer (Movember) and promoting mental health. Perhaps the collective theme for this month then is one of reflection of the months gone by and the inevitable drawing to a close of another year.




Closer to home, an observation here at JACE Training, is an awakening by some students that they may have embarked upon a course of learning that no longer fits with them nor their long-term plans. After two months or so into a course, either hurdles have arisen that are seemingly unsurmountable, or there is a genuine sense that things aren’t right for them.  It is often a difficult dilemma for a student. Should I persevere and struggle on or do I admit defeat, be open to change and set a new course?




Fortunately, we have an experienced team of Assessors and Tutors at JACE that are able to offer independent advice and guidance, under our Matrix accreditation, to ‘coach’ students onto the most appropriate next steps. Sometimes, this may involve a gentle re-assurance that this is just a difficult phase to ‘plough through’. On other occasions, it may involve a more protracted and firm discussion about re-aligning goals and ambitions or taking an alternative path to the original destination. After all, there are nearly always options and alternative routes, as any car SATNAV will tell us; some prefer the obvious and direct route via the motorway; whilst others opt for the more roundabout and scenic journey, that may offer more interest and unthought of experiences along the way.


On the other side of the coin, we also receive enquiries at this time of the year from those students that originally enrolled at College or University to continue academic study but where the realisation has set in that this isn’t for them. Whilst they wish to continue learning and further their knowledge, for them, the workplace beckons. A chance to get a foot on the rung of the career ladder and to develop oneself within the structure of a company, perhaps with a wider breadth of people than may be experienced in a University or College setting, in terms of age and experience. There is also the added bonus to earn whilst you learn under an Apprenticeship programme.


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All of this can seem mighty unsettling and understandably so. However, as we prepare to move from autumn to winter perhaps we need to be brave and accept that our lives are just like nature – for everything there is a season and a reason.


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If you wish to embark on a new course at JACE Training, you’ll be re-assured to know that we have a flexible enrolment policy. You can start at any time and not feel like you have missed an opportunity until next September comes around again. Whether you’re a student, parent/carer or employer with someone in this situation, please feel free to call one of our friendly team on 020 8773 8146, to talk you through the options. Our Advice and Guidance credentials apply to all and even extend to our own staff.


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